Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jacobs First Moto Practice

Well this could be a long story but I will try and summarize it.
Jacob has been ripping around the fields on our property as well as my inlaws propoerty for about a week now without training wheels on his PW50. I was actually suprised at how well he took to it, getting the pegs down to the ground as he put his foot out around the corners. But that is on grass and as we went to Baja MX on Wednesday afternoon he learned that a good tire is essential on mud.
Here is how the day went.
Gets out of school at 3:00, packed up and went to Baja.
Get there by 5:30 with Hannah in tow and packed with plenty of treats.
5:45 - Jacob is pretty excited, he heads to the track (via porta potty of course)
5:52, on the track and headed out. Without waiting for me he heads out, not a problem since the track has no real jumps per say and it has little to no elevation changes. Pretty much like home but dirt and some turns.
5:53, hits his first muddy turn and lays the bike down. Not hurt but startled, a kid on another older kid rides by and stops to help him up (moto kids are a great group). I see him and run out and of course he is crying because he is scared.
6:50 - After several talks, telling him we can go home not pushing him. Fruit snacks, crackers, drink boxes, more talks, a little more crying a little more snacks, explaining to me that the track is to slippery, me telling him to ride slower, more crying, a little more crackers...........long story short he did not want to leave but did not want to ride. So we sat until almost 7:00 and he decided to brave it one more time.
After a cautious lap, a near breakdown again he completes a lap.
Tears are gone, smile all the way and he was off and running. Sun came out and dried the track so it was not muddy anymore, he even braved the "big" hill (see video) and had the time of his life.
Gave him a hug and told him I was proud and of course Hannah was cheering on the side, spilling the crackers all over the back of the Saturn.......