Friday, September 19, 2008

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Nick Visconti

My boy Nick has a new blog and I told him that I would spread his poison to the world.

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Captain Safety

So I am usually a pretty safe dude, since I work in a steel mill quite a bit and have to always look out for things that will kill me at anytime. This is more of a reason that I should be safe at home but it usually never translates to that right?
I am getting ready to replace my roof next weekend - should be fun - but I have a few spots that started leaking and had not fixed them yet. With the horrendus rain that came last weekend I finally decided to get up there and place a tarp over the house to keep my drywall ceiling in the garage and kitchen from getting damaged. I go the my favorite store - Home Depot - and buy a 30x50 tarp and decide that I can spread this out myself on my roof. It is pretty flat and no angles, just a ranch so I figure no problem. It is pouring rain and I am trying to figure out a chinese oragami tarp that has been folded 37 times which could never be placed back into the package without a friggin robot. Anyway, the wind is blowing and now I am soaked, by the way did I mention I am home alone with the kids in the living room? Ya right, so I am near the ridgeline of the house about 2' down and all of a sudden like Tom Hanks in the money pit I am up to my armpits and have fallen through the roof. Went through like a sack of potatos! Yup, I am an idiot.
Pull myself up, huge hole in the roof now. Lucky that I didn't go right through to the kitchen floor. Leg bleeding, my 4 1/2 year old comes out and is giggling in the driveway and I tell him to go inside.
Life is fun.
Oh, yes the hole is covered and now my roofing project has been moved up to next weekend.
Pics to follow.


Friday, September 5, 2008


This dude rocks.