Saturday, February 28, 2009

Victory Again!

Yes, I am once again undefeated in racing. This time going 3 for 3 at the Mt. Brighton Sled race in the Father son 8 and under division. Check out the vid, the secret to my speed you ask? Notice the pictures of Jacob next to his sled and you'll notice the snowboard binding discs that have a Bataleon Goliath 160 mounted under there. We got some air on the jump and destroyed everyone even letting them get a head start.
Nothing like setting up your kid fo dissapointment in life. Now he things he is going to win everything.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Craigs list scammers

So I have my parents Thompsonville book case tv unit for sale on craigs list in detroit and within 15 minutes of posting I get the following email through craigs list

"Hello, I came across your item, i want to know if this item is available, tell me the price you want the item to go for and the present condition.I need you to understand that i am willing and ready to purchase it right away.I would be on the look for your Email reply.


So I reply that it is $500 just like it says in the ad and about 5 minutes later I get this email.

"Thanks so much for the update,i have called my bank and they made me understand that they couldnt release the funds since it has taken more than expected to get the check cleared......Please dont sell the bike to another buyer and i would instruct my secretary to issue another payment out to your name so you can cash it immediately and get the left funds on the payment straight to my shipping agent and they would contact you to schedule the pick up on time cos i dont want any delay this time......I am so sorry for the delay of this transaction and make sure you ignore all other buyers and keep the bike very well for me till my shipping agent come for the pick up. Thanks so much and do have a wonderful time,hope to read from you soon so i can instruct my secretary to go ahead and issue the payment out to you soon as possible.

Now first of all who in the hell is looking for a bookcase that has a secretary and has to release funds from a bank. WTF man. Also I made sure that I replied promptly and told this a-hole to take his scam somewhere else and he needs to learn to keep track of the spam mail that he is sending out because I am not selling a bike.

What a turd. Just so everyone knows here is his (or possibly hers) email - and the name was Aaron Ronaldo

Send him some love mail.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Freeze X Fest

So the Freeze X Fest is starting to shape up pretty nicely. Check out some of the features that the crew put up yesterday in the freezing cold. Pretty nice huh?