Monday, July 25, 2011

teeki Independent Sales Rep, teeki, Multiple Territories |

teeki Independent Sales Rep, teeki, Multiple Territories |

Ok so I am going to start blogging again and for no good reason other than twitter is not long enough for my rants.

Here is a great example of simple lack of planning and execution when it comes to a product launch. This brand had an ad on Malakye (which by the way is a great site, good job Chad) they were looking for a sales rep. I curiously clicked on the company link to see what they were all about and I go on the site and it is hosted by a company called

Now first of all I like Wix, I actually use it for several of my personal and client projects. It is easy to navigate and easy to manage. Sure it is flash so all you iPad users can shut up now and just go buy a Galaxy tab 10.1" and all will be solved.

The main problem here is that they are so cheap that they couldn't even pay the $9.00 a month to remove the Wix ad on the side of the site. Really? $9.00 a month and they can't even cough that up? Makes me feel confident that they'll be around in the future to pay my commission checks.........

Word of advice to all. Find a high school kid to at least do your site. If you don't look at least somewhat professional you need to get out of the game.

As always I am open for abuse so carry on......