Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is cool, forwarded to me by Brett Butcher - Bataleon Snowboard OG

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heading to Bristol

I worked on trailer this week over at the race shop trying to get it looking a little better for the road. We took off most of the graphis and will have to do the rest when Brian gets back from Bristol. We're looking to do a full wrap on it but the cost for that is pretty substantial.
Here is the trailer now

Looks muh better than it did before with the picture of someone else's car on it.
Brian's been getting the car ready all week and Kathy and Eddie (Long time friends of Brian's) bustedd their butt's along with him to get the trailer ready. Everyone pretty much volunteers for Brian and we all do the dirty jobs like cleaning the grill (Thanks Kathy!) and dismounting the tires and taking out the inner tires from the superspeedway tires. Yes, that job sucks

Brian has the car all set to go so we'll have an update as soon as he gets done with practice.


Michigan International Speedway was a great showing for Brian. He had a great qualifying run on the second lap which secured him in the show without a problem. Qualifying in the 34th position and with the race starting strong and pit stops running at a good pace the team held on and advanced 10 positions for a 24th place besting some of the best full time drivers and managing to keep the car clean and ready for Bristol this coming weekend. The temperature outside was not to bad but a little bit of heat inside the car caused a bit of a burned heel for Brian. Limping back to the car a little we could tell that he was sore but in true Brian Keselowski fashon he still managed to get the hauler loaded up and continue to work on everything until the last piece was loaded and the car was off the chassis dyno.Brian will be hard at work this week getting ready for Bristol and will be leaving on Wednesday night to get there in time for the Friday night race. So that means there is STILL plenty of time to get some new sponsor logos on the hood of the car! Thanks to those who have supported Brian and continue to do so. Just to show how much Brian’s fans love him and the attention he brings here are some quick Monday morning web stats from www.thehotlap.com which if you didn’t know is the official “unofficial” Nationwide series coverage page.
Here is a link to the gallery from the shots at the race - http://www.thehotlap.com/modules.php?name=BGNPhotos&op=album&id=206

Brian still gets more hits consistently than any other driver week after week http://www.thehotlap.com/modules.php?name=BGNPhotos&op=album&id=206&min=32

No other driver (except for some guy that had 909 hits but that is thanks to a refresh button I’m sure) has more hits than Brian and in fact the only images that really get all the hits are the girls http://www.thehotlap.com/modules.php?name=BGNPhotos&op=photo&id=19254 – over 200 views http://www.thehotlap.com/modules.php?name=BGNPhotos&op=photo&id=19261 – 189 views But that is ok, because she was with us anyway! Even our pit girls get more hits than anyone else.

Here are some more pics from the race

On this pit stop the right rear tire was stuck in the wheel well so the front tire changer helped out and got the lug nuts off before the rear buy got there to help out - TEAM WORK!!!

Sean Conely catching tires

Brian getting swamped by the fans.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One week till the running man

This has been tough for sure. I weighed in today at 182, which is not much of a weight loss and it means I went up a few but considering that I was at a golf outing on monday and did not run that day or Sunday either it makes sense. As far as the running goes I am down to a 9 minute mile and running 3 miles a night. I usually come back sweating like someone who just got out of a lake but hey, that's physical fittness for ya huh? I figure at this pace I could do 10 miles with about a 12 minute mile average finishing in 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Not bad I guess but considering that last year some dude from Kenya won it in 44 minutes that is pretty sad. That dude is gnarly, that is like running 10mph for the entire race or faster - yes my math sucks so you figure it out.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Running Man

So in the last few weeks I have lost a solid 7lbs and I am running a consistent 9 minute mile. Not bad for someone who was never a runner I guess.
That is all.
Sorry, not to exciting.