Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes the rumors are true.....

So yes, it is true. I had a small part of Hollywood history when I worked with Steven Spielberg. During our time together I gave him quite a few ideas, including several high dollar type movies like Independance day and stuff like that. He was thankful and unfortunately I never got paid but I was only 17 and did not have a written contract at the time. Oh well, maybe some day he'll ask me to do a movie again.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Novi Snowmobile Show

It was a pretty cool show this weekend. Hung out with some friends old and new, Chris Burandt came into town to sign some autographs for Slednecks and he is a super nice guy. I got him together with NASCAR driver and Sledneck Team Member Brian Keselowski and they talked cars for a few hours. Chris tried to convince Brian to let him drive his car but Brian was having none of it HA! Chris pretty much flew in Friday night and was out Saturday night, pretty crazy schedule for him but he's off to Idaho I guess for more work. When he found out that we wee going to go to Kart 2 Kart for some indoor cart action on Saturday night you coud tell he was disappointed but duty call right Chris!!! Make sure you check out his video, you can get it here - or at you local Slednecks dealer. Support his backcountry adventures is you really want to know how to ride!
Here are a few photos from the show.

Brian is trying to explain to Chris how much easier it is to get sponsors with a larger chest.

Would they trade rides?
I think Chris would easier than Brian!

Brian myself and Chris